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Testimonial from Sandy Kemsley


Taylor and Raden’s central manifesto highlights that it’s critical to embody more intelligence in today’s business decision-making and have consistent, automated decisioning built into business processes in order to remain agile and competitive in today’s fast-moving market. They take you through the core concepts of enterprise decision management (EDM), dive into the underlying technologies, then address how to integrate EDM into your business processes to create your own Smart (Enough) Systems.
By focusing on operational decisions that contribute to corporate strategy, Smart (Enough) Systems provide the ability not only to create agile business processes, but to have these processes be self-learning based on historical results. Instead of simply capturing operational process statistics in a data warehouse for later analysis, Smart (Enough) Systems use that knowledge to inform the business rules and allow them to adapt their guidance of the decision-making process. By extracting the decisions from legacy applications, static enterprise applications and manual procedures, and managing them within a shared enterprise decision management system, operational decisions can be applied consistently – and modified easily for processes in flight – across the enterprise.

As a business process management specialist, I see this book as a great resource for exploring how EDM can simplify and improve business processes.

Sandy Kemsley, BPM analyst and architect. Kemsley Design Ltd www.column2.com