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Testimonial from Ron Ross


“A masterful presentation of an important new idea, Enterprise Decision Management (EDM). Like BPM, EDM is destined to provide a focal point where business minds and IT engineers can find common and very fertile ground to plan for success.
As the authors say, the business rule approach has evolved and proven itself convincingly over the last decade. With Enterprise Decision Management (EDM), business rules finally have a compelling architectural voice and clear business motivation. EDM essentially turns the world inside out. The book shows in highly pragmatic fashion that seemingly the most mundane thing in operational business – everyday operational decisions – are actually key to success in today’s vastly altered business and computing landscape.

If you are doing BPM, SOA, CDI, MDM, compliance, data quality, business rules – or simply seeking a more informed way to conduct scalable, intelligent business in the 21st century – don’t miss this book!

This book explains why your business should be decision-centric, rather than system-centric or even exclusively process-centric. EDM brings intelligence to your business processes and IT architecture in a pragmatic, proven fashion. It makes them smart. There’s simply no alternative if you want your processes to be agile, adaptive and comprehensively compliant.

This book shows you how to prosper in the face of massive data overload and pervasive inconsistency in the application of basic operational knowledge. Mostly importantly it shows you how to manage rapid-fire change, not just so you can survive it, but to turn it into a structural competitive advantage.”

Ronald G. Ross Co-Founder, Business Rule Solutions, LLC, Executive Editor, Business Rules Journal, Author of Principles of the Business Rule Approach


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