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Testimonial from Michael Koscielny


“Very thought provoking! After spending 10 years in the business rules space, Smart (Enough) Systems takes EDM to a new level for me.  This book is a blue print to creating systems that are in tune with the customer and their needs.  Real time decisions that are consistent, accurate and specific to the situation would give any company embracing this thought process the competitive edge!

The book is well balanced, written with the novice to expert in mind.  Well Done!!

Buy the book!! –  But only buy it if you are serious about reading it. Don’t leave it on the shelf with all those other business rules books you bought and never read.

Read the book!! –  Smart (Enough) Systems will help create an EDM culture in your organization.  It will change the way business rules technologists think about their work.

Embrace the concepts!!  –  It is time to make the jump, from systems that are designed and driven by the developers, both business and IT, and create EDM that truly meets the customers needs throughout their entire experience with your organization.  Your competitors won’t know what hit them.”

Michael Koscielny, CPCU CIC. Assistant Vice President, American Modern Insurance Group