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Testimonial from Michael Hugos


“James Taylor and Neil Raden have produced a substantive work that explores what will soon be recognized as the next arena for competitive advantage in our fast-paced global economy. Their central thesis is that organizations must treat decisions as an enterprise asset and take action to increase their “decision yield”. The combined effect of improving the hundreds of routine operating decisions that an organization makes day in and day out is analogous to the effect of compound interest where the value of an initial amount of capital begins to increase exponentially over time.

Companies presently focus their attention and energy on the big strategic decisions and overlook the enormous opportunities to be found in consistently improving the accuracy and responsiveness of the many seemingly routine decisions they make. The book is organized into chapters that introduce the core concepts and then explore these concepts in greater and greater detail. The authors present their case in a scholarly and articulate manner.”

Michael Hugos, Principal, Center for Systems Innovation, author of Building the Real-Time Enterprise: An Executive Briefing