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Testimonial from Hugh Taylor


“Smart (Enough) Systems blazes a new trail in the crucial territory of finding the business value in information systems. With a well-tuned blend of technology and business, this book is a great read for anyone trying to discover the potential of decision management in the enterprise.

The book contains dozens of helpful case studies that illuminate the potential for real dollar return on investment from decision management solutions. The authors do a superb job at identifying the opportunities for improving business rules through the application of decision management to the enterprise.

The authors of this book have a remarkable level of depth and insight about how enterprises can benefit from decision management, as well as a thorough appreciation for how to get the task done in practical terms-including situations where the best option is to go slowly.”

Hugh Taylor, CISM. UC Berkeley School of Information. Author of “The Joy of SOX: Why Sarbanes-Oxley and Services Oriented Architecture May Be the Best Thing That Ever Happened to You