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“An important book which finally, for the first time, addresses the topic of enterprise decision making not by relying on IT ‘geekspeak’ but by taking a holistic view of why business people require EDM, why past approaches have failed and why the changing landscape such as ESOA will make EDM even more critical for the [...]

“Throughout business, every day, critical decisions are made by people – people who may have just the right information and understanding to make good decisions, but just as likely do not. Many of these decisions could be made correctly and consistently if the rules that govern them were understood and the information needed to shape [...]

Testimonial from David Raab

“This is a very important book.  It lays out the agenda for business technology in the new century – nothing less than how to reorganize every aspect of how a company treats its customers. The book is very comprehensive in its coverage of the concepts, the underlying technologies, and implementation techniques. If you read one [...]

“James Taylor and Neil Raden are on to something important in this book – the tremendous value of improving the large number of routine decisions that are made in organizations every day. While experienced business intelligence professionals may recognize the individual pieces, the authors do a wonderful job of integrating the component parts and providing [...]

“Automated decision systems are probably already being used in your industry, and they will undoubtedly grow in importance. If your business needs to make quick, accurate decisions on an industrialized scale, you need to read this book.” Thomas H. Davenport President’s Distinguished Professor of Information Technology and Management Babson College, Author of “Competing on Analytics“