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Predictive Analytics World: Decision Modeling for Predictive Analytic Projects

December 2, 2014

[ March 31, 2015; 2:40 pm to 3:00 pm. ] Steve Knode of the University of Maryland University College (UMUC) and I will be talking about how you can use Decision Modeling to specify requirements for predictive analytic projects at 2:40pm on March 31, 2015
Establishing a shared understanding of the business problem across business, IT and analytics teams is critical for successful predictive analytics projects. Recently decision […]

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New Article on in-database analytics

November 19, 2014

I recently published a new article in the Teradata Magazine – Get Closer to Your Data
If data holds the secrets to better business decisions, then advanced analytics is the means to getting data to reveal that information. That’s why organizations striving to be more data driven are adopting advanced analytics.
New and improved techniques offer solutions to business […]

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#IBMInsight Powerful Analytics for Everyone

October 27, 2014

Pej Javaheri come on to talk about the use of analytics to “be essential”. Analytics, he said, has arrived across marketing, sales, finance, IT and more. The results from applying analytics are clear and powerful, with research showing very strong ROI. IBM, he says, is focused on putting analytics in the hands of everyone while making it easy […]

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Opening #IBMInsight Keynote: Seize This Moment: Envision Your Future

October 27, 2014

At IBM Insight 2014 this week to hear about IBM’s latest data and analytics offerings. Tomorrow I will be speaking myself on how event-centric decisions represent an inflection point in real-time decision making. For now though it’s going to be all IBM.
After some great rah-rah intro material from Jake Porway and Jeff Jonas, Bob Picciano came on […]

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Live at IBM Insight: Customer-Centric Enterprises Leverage IBM ODM Advanced to React Accurately to Risks and Opportunities

October 27, 2014

[ October 28, 2014; 1:45 pm to 2:45 pm. ] I am speaking at IBM Insight on Customer-Centric Enterprises Leverage IBM ODM Advanced to React Accurately to Risks and Opportunities at 1:45pm Pacific in Mariners B.
Business rules combined with predictive analytics address a proven solution to a wide array of traditional business problems where micro decisions are to be made about individual customers at well defined […]

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Webinar: Analytics Maturity Curve or Landscape?

October 24, 2014

[ November 20, 2014; 11:00 am to 12:00 pm. ] I am giving a webinar November 20 [New Date] at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern with Information Management magazine on Analytics Maturity Curve or Landscape?

What’s the difference between the various analytic capabilities?
How do I map available analytic capabilities to my business needs?
What’s the right combination of capabilities for me now and in the future?
What should I look […]

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Business and IT perspectives on Decision Management – some videos

October 22, 2014

I am often asked to give a business or an IT perspective on Decision Management. As part of some recent work with SAS on Decision Management we created two decision management videos – one aimed at business users and one at IT professionals:

For Business Users an interview between Fiona McNeil of SAS and me on SAS® Decision Manager Insights:

A high-level description of […]

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First Look: FICO Analytic Modeler suite

October 14, 2014

FICO Analytic Modeler is FICO’s in-browser analytic tool suite – the evolution of the Model Builder product line post the InfoCentricity acquisition. These offerings are part of the FICO Analytic Cloud, a cloud-based environment for building and managing analytic models and deploying analytics into decisioning applications.  It also features a marketplace for analytic solutions.
The FICO […]

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Decision Management Solutions at Decision CAMP

October 2, 2014

[ October 13, 2014 to October 15, 2014. ] Join us at Decision Camp 2014, October 13-15, 2014 in beautiful San Jose, CA hosted by PayPal.

Decision Camp is an event by decision management practitioners for practitioners – and registration is free! Practitioners are Business Analysts, Business Experts, Developers or Architects that use or consider using Decision Management technologies such as Business Rules, Predictive Analytics, Business Intelligence and […]

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IBM Watson Analytics Cloud Business Partner Panel

September 16, 2014

Next up at the IBM Watson Analytics Cloud announcement is a partner panel with SugarCRM, AVENT and Truven Health Analytics:

AVENT is a global technology company with a deep services company with a group focused on using analytics.
SugarCRM is a CRM software company focused on helping businesses create extraordinary customer relationships.
Truven Health is focused on using analytics to drive […]

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IBM Watson Analytics Cloud Customer Panel

September 16, 2014

Next up a customer panel with cspire, xo communications and Purdue University.
First question was what new things can you do with Watson Analytics?

Easily convert data into a story in the context of a business
The cloud supports a very distributed workforce allowing  more people to access more advanced analytics
Empowering people who would otherwise have asked an […]

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New Decision Management MarketScape from IDC

September 15, 2014

Brian McDonough has been writing (with Dan Vesset, Steve Hendrick, Henry Morris and others) on Decision Management at IDC for many years and he has recently published an IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Decision Management Software Platform 2014 Vendor Assessment. The report has an IDC MarketScape figure, IDC’s opinion on the Decision Management market, process and software as well as some […]

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Webinar: Don’t Move Your Data: Deeper Analysis, Faster Results, Lower Cost

September 8, 2014

[ October 1, 2014; 10:00 am to 11:00 am. ] I am giving a webinar on October 1, 2014  at 1:00 p.m. Eastern / 10:00 a.m. Pacific with Teradata on Don’t Move Your Data: Deeper Analysis, Faster Results, Lower Cost
Are your analysts spending too much time and effort analyzing growing data volumes? Free your analysts from the limitations and restrictions of the traditional analytic architecture that […]

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Challenges Scaling Open Source R – Part 2

September 4, 2014

I recently did some research on the requirements for enterprise-scale analytics and the challenges of using open source R in this context. In my first post (Requirements for Enterprise Scale Analytics with R – Part 1) I outline some of the requirements I see for enterprise scale analytics. In this second post I will discuss the challenges of R […]

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Requirements for Enterprise Scale Analytics with R – Part 1

September 2, 2014

I recently did some research on the requirements for enterprise-scale analytics and the challenges of using open source R in this context. In this first post I wanted to outline some of the requirements I see for enterprise scale analytics and in a second post I will discuss the challenges of R in that context.
As advanced analytics, […]

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MITSloan Article: Four traps of predictive analytics

August 27, 2014

Michael Fitzgerald wrote a great piece of the MIT Sloan Management Review this week – The Four Traps of Predictive Analytics. Michael saw me present at an event for Predixion in Boston and then went on to chat with me a couple of times. It’s a great piece, highlighting four critical issues around predictive analytics:

The need […]

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Some thoughts on KDNuggets’ top trends ahead of Strata Hadoop NYC

August 21, 2014

Gregory over at KDNuggets had an interesting post with some Top Analytics and Big Data trends ahead of Strata Hadoop NYC Conference based on input from their readers. Three trends struck me:

The challenge of communicating complex analyses to non-technical clients/partners
We are having increasing success using logical decision models to show how data and analytics drive better decision making. […]

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Measurement, behavior, decisions and KPIs

August 7, 2014

One of the students on my UCI Class Business Goals for Predictive Analytics quoted his mentor in a discussion we were having about cross-referencing metrics or KPIs with the decisions that influence them.
Only measure those things you are willing to change and be willing to change the things you measure.
I really liked this quote because […]

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Live Event: Insurance Analytics Symposium 2014: Industrializing Analytics

August 5, 2014

[ October 17, 2014; 6:45 am to 7:15 am. ] I am speaking on Industrializing Analytics for Better Decisions Everywhere at the Insurance Analytics Symposium in New Orleans, October 17.
Insurers of all sizes know they must adopt analytics, especially predictive analytics, to maximize the value of their customers, manage risk and compete effectively. One-off, ad-hoc approaches to analytics can demonstrate the value of analytics but […]

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Two live events in July on Predictively Enabling Your Organization

July 17, 2014

I am presenting at a couple of evening events in July on Predictively Enabling your Organization. Sponsored by Predixion, these events will introduce you to predictive analytics and will share practical tips on how to leverage predictive analytics to improve results across your business. I’ll discuss the power of Predictive Analytics, how to get started and how to […]

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