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Live Event: A New Approach to Defining BI Requirements

May 29, 2015

[ July 2, 2015; 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm. ] I am speaking on A New Approach to Defining BI Requirements at the Bay Area Microsoft BI User Group on July 2nd
I will introduce the core concepts of DMN and show how it can be used to drive more effective requirements for BI, dashboard, and analytic projects.  You’ll also see a demo of DecisionsFirst Modeler, a decision modeling […]

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Updated white paper on improving claims processing with Decision Management

May 26, 2015

We have just posted a new white paper on Next Generation Claims Systems
Decision Management delivers next generation claims systems that act immediately, increase agility, consistency and accuracy, improve customer satisfaction, speed response and reduce costs. Insurers can achieve significant speed-to-market gains, reduce fraud and create innovative new claims processes.
Today’s insurance claims systems deliver value to […]

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Another analytic practitioner speaks: an interview with Matt Kitching of Apption

May 19, 2015

As part of my ongoing series of interviews with analytic practitioners I caught up recently with Matthew Kitching, Senior Data Scientist at Apption. I am giving a webinar with Matt Kitching, Senior Data Scientist at Apption at 10am Pacific, May 27 on The Value of Predictive Analytics and How Using Decision Modeling Helps You Succeed.
Apption is a […]

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New white paper on framing analytic requirements

May 18, 2015

We just published a new white paper on Framing Analytic Requirements.
This paper shows how you can achieve analytical, data-driven decisions by using decision modeling and the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard to frame your analytical requirements. The value proposition of analytics is almost always to improve decision-making. Whether you are data mining, building predictive analytic models, designing […]

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First Look: IBM Decision Optimization Cloud

May 15, 2015

IBM’s advanced analytics portfolio contains its descriptive analytics, predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics products (everything from Cognos to SPSS to optimization and decision management). Within this portfolio is IBM’s decision optimization portfolio that contains the solver technology embedded in many IBM and external products. This demand for decision optimization involves enterprise Operations Research (OR) teams, […]

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Webinar: The Value of Predictive Analytics and How Using Decision Modeling Helps You Succeed

May 7, 2015

[ May 27, 2015; 10:00 am to 11:00 am. ] I am giving a webinar with Matt Kitching, Senior Data Scientist at Apption at 10am Pacific, May 27 on The Value of Predictive Analytics and How Using Decision Modeling Helps You Succeed
Successful predictive analytic projects follow a well defined approach from requirements to modeling, implementation and deployment, embedding the analytic results in operational systems that improve […]

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Improve your rules and analytics projects – learn about decision modeling with DMN

May 6, 2015

We have been doing more and more work with decision modeling and the new Decision Model and Notation standard recently – we have a large FSI rolling out decision modeling and DMN worldwide, we have trained over 700 people in DMN, and we are using DMN with clients in manufacturing, banking, insurance and healthcare. And […]

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Webinar: Putting Your Predictive Analytics to Work

May 6, 2015

[ May 21, 2015; 8:00 am to 9:00 am. ] I am giving a webinar with Angoss May 21 at 11am ET/8am PT on “Putting Your Predictive Analytics to Work”
When it comes to getting the most from your analytics, your ROI is only as good as your implementation. So join Angoss software and the foremost expert in Decision Management, James Taylor, to learn some key lessons […]

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Event: TDWI Solution Summit – Maximizing your Analytics Investment

May 4, 2015

[ May 31, 2015 to June 2, 2015. ] I am co-hosting the TDWI Solution Summit “Maximizing your Analytics Investment: Innovative Business through Predictive & Advanced Analytics” with Fern Halper, May 31-June 2 in San Diego.
Join an exclusive, hosted gathering of experienced professionals, industry thought leaders, and top solution providers for real-world tips and best practices to help you harness the power of analytics […]

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IBM Analytical Decision Management Update 2015

April 29, 2015

I last got an update on SPSS early last year. In March 2015, IBM released an update for the complete set of products in its advanced analytical portfolio. Analytical Decision Management (ADM) is positioned as part of this portfolio of predictive and prescriptive analytic tools.
IBM’s advanced analytic portfolio is focused on having meaningful impact on […]

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Take the Rexer Analytics Data Miner Survey!

March 23, 2015

The 2015 Rexer Analytics Data Miner Survey has launched. This survey is a great asset for the analytic and data mining community. Like many who look forward to the results I would like to ensure that the survey reaches a large and diverse group of analytic professionals, students and academics. The survey is for all analytic […]

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Webinar: Identifying the Right Analytic Capabilities in the Era of Big Data

March 17, 2015

[ March 25, 2015; 11:00 am to 12:00 pm. ] I am giving a webinar with FICO on March 25th at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern on “Identifying the Right Analytic Capabilities in the Era of Big Data”
There is an increasingly broad portfolio of analytic capabilities available to enterprises today. These range from traditional Business Intelligence capabilities like reporting and ad-hoc query to modern visualization and data […]

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Decisions, Decision Management and an architecture for digital transformation

March 11, 2015

Ray Wang of Constellation Research published a report early this year “The Elements of Business Architecture for Digital Transformation.” In the report Ray identifies some interesting boardroom priorities (this is just some of them):

Consistent Customer Experience
Mass automation
Insights-driven business models
Cost-effective regulatory compliance

All of these are reasons given by our clients as they invest in Decision Management and in […]

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Webinar: Framing Analytic Requirements with Decision Modeling

March 4, 2015

[ April 2, 2015; 9:00 am to 10:00 am. ] I am giving a webinar on “Framing Analytic Requirements with Decision Modeling” April 2, 9am Pacific/Noon Eastern:
One of the most important steps in a predictive analytic effort is correctly framing the problem a way that creates a shared understanding of the business problem across business, IT and analytics teams. Established analytic approaches such as CRISP-DM stress the […]

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Using Decision Modeling to make Predictive Analytics more pervasive

February 24, 2015

Back in May of last year, Wayne Eckerson published “Making Predictive Analytics Pervasive“. It’s a great report with some really useful data but one of the key headline result is that implementation rates are not rising – in fact fewer organizations are reporting successful implementation of predictive analytics (from 21% to 18%). This despite the […]

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First Look: Predixion 4.0

February 11, 2015

Predixion released 4.0 of Predixion Insight in October 2014 and I got a product update recently. First, some quick background on Predixion: They started back in 2009 based in California and Washington and recently added an office in Europe. 70 employees now with a core set of partners and investors. Their focus is on making […]

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How to frame requirements for predictive analytic projects with decision modeling

February 10, 2015

One of my big focus areas right now is using decision requirements models to frame predictive analytic projects. We are working with a few insurance companies as well as a couple of manufacturing companies to apply decision requirements modeling in their analytic requirements process and I am excited by the potential. I recently wrote an article for […]

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Free Version of Decision Modeling Software DecisionsFirst Modeler Now Available

February 3, 2015

At Decision Management Solutions we have a long history of providing free resources to help drive the adoption of Decision Management, Decision Management technology and Decision Modeling. Today we continued this with our announcement of a free version of our decision modeling software, DecisionsFirst Modeler.
The free Basic Version delivers user-friendly, DMN standards-based graphical decision models for up […]

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Webinar: Decision Modeling for Decision Led Analytics

February 2, 2015

[ February 19, 2015; 9:00 am to 10:00 am. ] I am giving a webinar on Decision Modeling for Decision Led Analytics, February 19 at 9am Pacific.
Organizations today are turning to analytic capabilities to drive decision-making. But with the different types of decisions that need to be made, multiplied by the different types of BI and analytic capabilities available, it can be difficult for organizations […]

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New Column on Information Management

February 1, 2015

Information Management just published my latest column An Analytics Capability Landscape discussing our recent research on decision-led, role-centric, style-based selection of analytic capabilities.

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