Ugly Research: Data is easy, Deciding is hard

July 30, 2014

Tracy Allison Altman over at Ugly Research has a great new  white paper – Data is easy: Deciding is hard – in which she quotes me (thanks Tracy). It’s a great paper and makes what I think is the critical point – that you don’t need a data culture but a decision culture. And I would add […]

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5 steps to decision-centric legacy modernization

March 3, 2014

Last week I emphasized four key facts about legacy modernization. To move forward you need to find the legacy code that represents business decisions such as a pricing engine (what price is this product for this customer), eligibility logic (is this customer eligible for this offer or service), approval rules (can this claim be auto-approved) and replace […]

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First Look: Sparkling Logic Update

July 17, 2013

I last got briefed by Sparkling Logic back in August 2012 and I got an update on their new Kyoto release. The new release has a big focus on the user interface and on making the information in the system more accessible.
First off SMARTS now immediately shows information about new features including links to a […]

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First Look: Convergys

June 25, 2013

I got an update from Convergys on their real-time decisioning engine recently. Convergys is a services company with 75,000 customer management employees across 69 contact centers around the world. They provide contact center outsourcing, technologies for customer contact centers and customer experience analytics. Convergys’ technologies are designed to support contact centers, covering IVR, campaign management, […]

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The role of decision requirements modeling in successful business rules projects #ibmimpact

April 29, 2013

I am attending IBM IMPACT and this is a duplicate post for one running on the IBM IMPACT Blog.
Business rules get everywhere – we have business rules in our user interfaces, in data quality, in business processes and more. But when organizations adopt a business rules management system they are focused on improving decision-making. A […]

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Democratizing Data with Decision Management

April 10, 2013

I have been following the Data 2.0 Summit folks recently – the Third Annual Data 2.0 Summit 2013 in San Francisco is a one-day conference and speakers include Anthony Goldbloom, CEO of Kaggle, who is always worth listening to and you can get 20% off your Data 2.0 Summit pass by clicking this link. Anyway, the theme this year is that […]

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To make better decisions you need to manage those decisions

March 18, 2013

I have been getting a bit behind with my blogging and tweeting recently but I was struck by a comment on Howard Dresner’s thread (@howarddresner) based on preliminary results from his survey (http://wisdomsurvey.com).
#BetterDecisionMaking (so far) is the top goal for #BusinessIntelligence – wisdomsurvey.com #BIWisdom
— Howard Dresner (@howarddresner) March 8, 2013
and Boris Evelson (@bevelson) chimed in […]

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First Look – Experian Decision Analytics PowerCurve Platform

July 26, 2012

Experian has recently renovated their decision management platform – now called PowerCurve™. Experian’s clients generally need to achieve one of four goals – increase revenue through market share growth; controlling risk to manage exposure and reduce losses; increased operational efficiency; or compliance. These goals obviously drive you to using Decision Management Systems and to use […]

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Top 10 excuses to avoid business rules: #1 You want business users to do what?!

June 29, 2012

1. You want my business users to do WHAT?
Yes, pure fear is the number one reason. There are still a lot of IT departments who cannot accept the idea of the business community maintaining business rules. Mostly this is aversion to the perceived risk but sometimes it is simple fear that they personally will somehow […]

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Top 10 excuses to avoid business rules: #2 business users don’t want it

June 28, 2012

2. Business users wouldn’t know what to do with decision automation if they had it
“My business users don’t want to get involved”
“But I can’t get users to tell me the rules now”
“I don’t want the users telling us how to do our jobs”
The first reaction to decision automation technology from some IT folks is that […]

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The Rise of Cognitive Computing #ibmbas12

June 19, 2012

Stephen Gold came up next to talk about Watson. Watson is transitioning from a proof of concept – a grand challenge project – to a business solution. This is being driven primarily by the rapid expansion in unstructured, uncertain data. Not just a need to process new data sources, also about being able to reason […]

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Business Rules, Decision Management and ASUG

May 14, 2012

I do a lot of work with companies and organizations adopting business rules and Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS) such as BRFplus and NetWeaver BRM. I wanted to share two things (as I head off to Sapphire/ASUG).
First, I often find that when organizations start with business rules they begin by just trying to capture business […]

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Is Machine Learning v Domain expertise the wrong question?

April 5, 2012

KDNuggets had an interesting poll this week in which readers expressed themselves as Skeptical of Machine Learning replacing Domain Expertise. This struck me not because I disagree but because I think it is in some ways the wrong question:

Any given decision is made based on a combination of information, know-how and pre-cursor decisions.
The know-how can be […]

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First Look – GDS Link Update

February 20, 2012

I got an update on GDS Link recently, having last written about them in 2010 (see this First Look on GDS Link). Since 2006 they have been helping banks and other credit issuers to build custom, tailored, customer-centric risk applications.
DataView 360, the core product, was designed to address what they regard as the key problem […]

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Webinar: The use of Business Rules in Decision Management Systems

February 7, 2012

[ March 14, 2012; 7:00 am to 8:00 am. ] This webinar is at 7am PT, 10am ET and 16:00 CET to support our European customers.

This webinar will focus on business rules and on Business Rules Management Systems as a platform for Decision Management Systems. You will learn how a Business Rules Management System makes the agility and transparency you need possible and what the […]

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Here’s how a Decision Management System would manage review fraud

January 30, 2012

My eye was drawn to an article in the New York Time last week – For $2 a Star, an Online Retailer Gets 5-Star Product Reviews.  This article drew attention to the ongoing and growing problem of fake reviews. Like many of us I increasingly rely on reviews on sites like amazon.com or yelp.com to […]

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Start with decisions not with business rules

January 4, 2012

An interesting discussion started on twitter this week with @BigBlueMilky saying “Decision Management is so much more that just using business rules” – something I strongly agree with. @JeffreyGoodReq followed up by adding “But you must start with business rules” and, when I disagreed and said you must start with Decisions added “rules = context […]

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Eliminating bias and valuing customers with Decision Management Systems

November 14, 2011

Meri Gruber, VP Biz Dev here at Decision Management Solutions, had a post a little while ago that she recently tweeted – How many service reps does it take to change a light bulb or lose a customer? In it she makes the point that a company lost her business because the customer service department […]

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