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Teradata – Key Messages

Randy Lea kicked off the Teradata Third Party Influencers event with Teradata’s key messages: The best database for analytics Obviously this is #1 for Teradata is to deliver on this with a focus on being “parallel everywhere” while having the database do as much as possible. Also provide a self-service portal for DBAs, offer query [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork I have been following the recent IBM announcements on analytics closely and have been struck by the increasingly decision-centric point of view being expressed. First there was the business analytics and optimization announcement with its focus on “action support” not “decision support”. The new analytic appliances with their focus on making it [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork I was attending IBM’s launch of its analytic appliances when it announced its intent to acquire SPSS. I did not get a chance to write much more at the time but I did not want to let the opportunity pass completely.I think the announcement represents a sea change in the decision management [...]

Intalio hosted a launch today to position themselves as The Enterprise Cloud Company. Intalio turns 10 years old this year. They remain a privately held company with 500 paying customers and have passed 50,000 deployed sites in 52 countries. 35 employees and 20 contractors across 14 offices worldwide. Customers cover all industries and business is [...]