First Look: Pegasystems Decision Management 7

April 17, 2014

I recently got an update from Pegasystems focused on their recent release 7 of the Pegasystems Decision Management product. Last year (2013) Pegasystems had a good year, breaking $500M in revenue while showing a 55% increase in license and backlog. They are forecasting $576M in 2014 and report particular interest in predictive analytics, analytic marketing [...]

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First Look: Zoot zDecision Update

April 14, 2014

I got an update from Zoot recently about their zDecision product (having last been briefed back in 2012). First, a quick update on Zoot: They are focused almost entirely in the financial services industry, especially on lenders. Their products are designed to be very flexible and so support the kind of out of the box [...]

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IBM IMPACT: Panel Discussion: New Systems Meet New Business Challenges

April 10, 2014

[ April 28, 2014; 5:15 pm to 6:15 pm. ] I am part of a panel at IBM’s IMPACT 2014 on New Systems Meet New Business Challenges: Turn Data into Insight to Make More Accurate Decisions  (BDL-1378), Monday April 28 at 5:15pm
Interactive systems, mobile devices, and social networks generate more data every day – and this is not going to stop. Making sense of this astronomic amount of [...]

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IBM IMPACT: The Mobile Enterprise: Better Decisions & Smarter Processes

April 8, 2014

[ April 29, 2014; 3:45 pm to 4:45 pm. ] I am speaking at IBM’s IMPACT 2014 on The Mobile Enterprise – Driving the Need for Better Decisions & Smarter Processes (SPD-2798), Tuesday April 29 at 3:45pm
The consumerization of technology in enterprises, increasingly mobile employees and the demands of more social, mobile and connected consumers are putting increased pressure on enterprises. Adopting mobile management and development [...]

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Decision Modeling now on the GSA

April 7, 2014

We get a steady stream of interest from government agencies here in the US – agencies and departments looking to modernize legacy applications with business rules, develop simpler and more agile business processes or adopt more advanced analytics. Decision Modeling, the first step in Decision Management, is a powerful tool to help these projects succeed. [...]

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First Look: FICO acquisition of InfoCentricity

April 2, 2014

FICO has recently acquired InfoCentricity, makers of two advanced analytics products – Xeno (for building predictive scorecards, reviewed here) and StrategyTrees (decision trees). InfoCentricity has about 40 clients (some with over 100 modelers, some smaller). Most of these companies are also FICO clients though not generally for analytic modeling tools. Clients use the tools in [...]

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Responding in real-time: video and white paper

April 1, 2014

I recently completed some research on responding in real-time, discussing the need for both event processing and decision management in a solution. The research was sponsored by Oracle and you can see the video below:

The white paper is here (registration required).

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SV Forum BI SIG Event: Decisions First: How to stop wasting money on Big Data

March 31, 2014

[ April 15, 2014; 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm. ] I am speaking at the SV Forum Business Intelligence SIG on Decisions First: How to stop wasting money on Big Data - April 15 at 6:30pm at SAP’s Palo Alto location.
Big Data is hot. Organizations are dealing with greater volumes of data, more variety of data and data that arrives with increasing velocity. These “Big Data” [...]

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Decision Modeling, BPMN, Business Rules and Predictive Analytics: A live demo

March 31, 2014

I recently gave a presentation at bpmNEXT showing how you can apply decision modeling, using the new Decision Model and Notation standard, to build simpler, smarter and more agile processes. The actual presentation was recorded and I will blog when it goes live but as part of preparing I recorded the demo itself and we [...]

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Analytic practitioners speak – an interview with Lee Feinberg of DecisionViz

March 27, 2014

Please describe your current role and title
DecisionViz is a management consultant that helps companies build leadership in the processes, people, and culture around data visualization. We work with senior management to elevate visualization from the activity of reporting and making charts to being integrated with their daily decision-making. I founded the company in 2012.
What’s your [...]

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Decision-centric dashboards and application lifecycle management with Assure

March 24, 2014

We have become increasingly convinced that decision modeling, especially decision modeling using the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard and DecisionsFirst Modeler, is a great way to design dashboards. Building a decision model focuses on the decisions that must be made by the user of the dashboard, on how they make that decision and on [...]

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Some excellent Gartner advice on Decision Management

March 20, 2014

Lisa Kart, Roy Schulte and Teresa Jones of Gartner recently published Find the Best Approach to Decision Management. It’s a great piece and if you are a Gartner subscriber you should definitely read it and share it around your organization. Even if you are not you should seriously consider getting it from Gartner as it makes [...]

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An update on IBM’s MobileFirst portfolio

March 19, 2014

IBM has made significant investments in the mobile market in recent years. Various acquisitions and internal development efforts have resulted in a portfolio of product and service offerings under the banner of IBM MobileFirst. IBM recently summarized the state of the mobile market and its MobileFirst portfolio for analysts.
It’s worth noting up front that IBM [...]

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Some thoughts on (and a discount for) bpmNext

March 10, 2014

I am attending bpmNEXT this month to talk about decision modeling and I am delighted to let you know that you can get a 30% discount on attending by entering the code DMS.
bpmNEXT is a different kind of event – as Sandy Kemsley said of last year’s event it focuses on demos, not presentations; keeps its short [...]

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Webinar: Getting Started with Decision Management

March 6, 2014

[ April 1, 2014; 7:00 am to 8:00 am. ] I will be giving a webinar on Getting started with Decision Management with Dr. Juergen Pitschke, Founder and Managing Director at BCS on April 1, 2014 at 10:00 AM EST, 16:00 CET
Organizations like yours are improving results, streamlining operations and personalizing customer transactions by automating the repeatable decisions central to their operations. These organizations are using [...]

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First Look: Granata Decision Systems

March 5, 2014

As part of my ongoing series on Marketing Decision Management solutions I recently caught up with Granata Decision Systems. Granata was founded in 2012 by folks from the University of Toronto who specialize in optimization and AI. GDS’ product is a marketing optimization solution targeted at organizations with a relatively sophisticated customer analytics environment who [...]

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Webinar: Responding in Real-Time

March 5, 2014

[ March 25, 2014; 10:00 am to 11:00 am. ] As part of the Big Data Webcast series from Oracle I will be giving a webinar on Responding in Real-Time Tuesday March 25 at 1pm ET

High-volume, high-speed front-line decisions must increasingly be made in real-time with big data and analytics that are actionable and operational. How do you harness the power of big data to make [...]

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Survey on the business value of business analytics

February 28, 2014

An associate professor at NEOMA Business School, Rouen, France is conducting a survey on how the quality of analytics influences business value, satisfaction and continuance/firm performance:
Business Analytics is expected to create huge operational and strategic benefits. In this study we look at how quality of analytics influences business value, satisfaction and continuance/firm performance. The results will [...]

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Live Event: bpmNEXT Decision Modeling for Simpler, Smarter, More Agile Processes

February 26, 2014

[ March 27, 2014; 10:45 am to 11:15 am. ] I am presenting (demonstrating really) on Decision Modeling for Simpler, Smarter, More Agile Processes at bpmNEXT March 27.
A live demonstration of DecisionsFirst Modeler, a collaborative cloud-based environment for decision modeling, will show how the Decision Model and Notation standard works. In addition, you’ll see how teams can collaborate on these models, how they can link to [...]

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Live Event: TDWI Solution Summit on Advanced Analytics

February 24, 2014

[ June 1, 2014 to June 3, 2014. ] I am co-chair, with Fern Halper,of the TDWI Solution Summit: Beyond BI to Advanced Analytics for Business Advantage in San Diego, June 1-3.
Business analytics has become an important new trend for companies that want to be competitive—and stay that way. While certain kinds of advanced analytics have been on the market for decades, adoption is finally [...]

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