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January 2011

I am giving a webinar on BPM and Intelligent Operations as part of the ebizQ BPM in Action series on March 10. Operational systems can certainly be made more efficient with BPM, but what about making them more effective? Increasingly, companies need intelligent operations that deliver a real improvement in effectiveness. BPM is the right [...]

??I am giving my workshop “Driving Enterprise Decisions with Business Analytics” at Predictive Analytics World San Francisco. This workshop covers the principles of Decision Management, its application to critical business processes, and the appropriate use of available technology. We show you how to identify and prioritize the operational decisions that drive your organization’s success, introduce [...]

I am speaking on Deploying Analytics with a Rules-Based Infrastructure at Predictive Analytics World San Francisco 2011. An analytic model that is not in use has no value to an organization so analytic deployment is critical. And when analytic models must be applied to operational decisions – micro decisions about a single customer, a single [...]