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Training at DMZ: Framing Analytic Requirements Using Decision Modeling

October 18, 2017
10:15 amto1:15 pm

I am teaching a workshop on Framing Analytic Requirements Using Decision Modeling October 18 at 1:30pm as part of  DMZ 2017, Hartford CT October 16-18

There’s no debate that the power of analytics comes from driving data-driven decision-making in an organization. Nevertheless, most analytic projects have only the vaguest sense of which decisions they are trying to improve, how those decisions are actually made now, and how they will be made analytically in the future. Most organizations can’t even really tell which decisions they should apply analytics to. This tutorial will introduce a new approach – decision modeling – for defining requirements for analytic projects. It will show how an explicit focus on decision-making identifies powerful opportunities for analytics. Decision models allow you to accurately assess what data and analytics are really needed and how they will improve results. Decision models keep analytic projects on track, aligning business, IT and analytic participants, and ensuring that analytic projects will have a real business impact.
Specific skills include:

  • How to define decision requirements using the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard and apply this technique in a standard project framework (CRISP-DM)
  • How to use decision models to identify analytic opportunities and focus the analytic projects that result
  • How decision modeling can be used to clarify real data needs, tie analytics to business results and improve usability of analytic applications.

Full program here, register here.


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