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Uplevel your DMN skills in London this July


Learning the basics of the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard doesn’t take long – but using it effectively takes some experience. This July you have a chance to short-circuit the time it would usually take to gain this experience – at least if you can make it to London. On July 11 Jan Purchase and I are giving a Masterclass on Decision Modeling. Jan and I are the authors of Real-World Decision Modeling with DMN – described by one 5* review on amazon as “The definitive book on decision modeling using the DMN notation” – and have been building decision models for clients for many years. We’ve built models for analytic teams and business rules teams, business organizations and IT organizations across financial services, insurance, telecommunications, manufacturing, software and healthcare. We’re distilling this experience to create a unique learning opportunity for practitioners of decision modeling and those that are considering introducing, or preparing to introduce, it to their organization.

What are we going to cover? We plan to drill into a handful of critical topics:

  • Overcoming corporate objections to decision modeling
  • Maximizing the tangible business benefits of decision modeling
  • The top 3 mistakes and how to avoid them
  • How to apply decision modeling in a way that is agile (and Agile)
  • How decision modeling can integrate decision technologies such as Business Rules Management Systems, advanced analytics and more

Plus you get to ask your own questions, meet your peers and get a free signed copy of the book

Early bird pricing for the Decision Modeling Masterclass runs for a couple more weeks so sign up now. And if you are coming to DecisionCAMP 2017 all the better – we’re co-located and offering attendees a discount.

See you there.

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